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3Shape Scanner
ProJet™ MP 3000
ORIGIN® Pro 5000
ORIGIN® DuoTron™


The ORIGIN Pro Series Milling Machines do it all. The machines are extremely robust and can process all types of dental CAD/CAM materials. The two disc processing holder enables you to mill two different material types in one sequence in a fully automated process launched at the touch of a button. The average zirconia coping milling time is less than ten minutes. This machine is suitable for all labs including production labs.

Best of Class Components
Each stand-alone ORIGIN component (Scanner, Milling Machine, Sintering Furnace, YZ Zirconia, and Software) is among the best in its field. Each component has a proven track record of performance and dependability, allowing you to trust that your system will provide the exacting results that you demand.

Have it Your Way with OPEN Technology
The ORIGIN philosophy is based on OPEN Technology and a free flow of information at every stage of the CAD/CAM process. This provides users with the ultimate freedom of choice and resources needed to maximize their ORIGIN CAD/CAM system.